We’re kicking off the “6 Figure Side Hustle” tour this Fall!

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Event Survey

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Get the expert business advice you need to create a booming brand, launch your profitable passion business and grow your side hustle to 6-Figures and beyond.

You’ll need to bring you pen and pad to this mini-masterclass because we’ll be going deep on each of the following topics:

  • funding your business

  • how to start a business for free

  • how to find a vendor

  • how to test your vendor

  • the three keys to dominating a saturated market

  • how to find your first customers

  • how to earn your customers trust

  • how to convert likes into buys

  • the ultimate marketing blueprint for 6-figure success

  • and more!

Taught by No Label Extensions CEO & business coach Charlo Greene, a former TV news anchor turned business woman who has helped more than 8,000 women start and grow their profitable hair extensions businesses.

Expect Charlo to share practical, actionable business advice along with the industry’s most protected secrets that she’s gained by building the nation’s fastest growing Black-Female owned hair distribution company *and* from her frequent travels to the world’s largest hair producers in India and China.

Click here to watch video of Charlo touring a leading Chinese hair manufacturing facility.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear exactly how Charlo built her hair extensions business to $100,000+ in just 2 months.

The first portion of the event will be the Hair Extensions Business Mini-Masterclass, which will end with a q&a session.

The second portion of the event will be a more intimate gathering where VIP attendees will be part of a group coaching session with Charlo Greene. This discuss will be led by questions from VIP attendees and will thoroughly cover advanced marketing tips and tactics that business brands can use to scale their businesses.